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Crown (Cap for Teeth)

A Crown (cap for teeth) is a dental restoration completely reproduces the clinical crown of a natural tooth. Crown acts as a cap that covers the entire tooth structure and protects it from further damage. Mostly crowns are indicated in fractured teeth, root canal treated teeth or in significant loss of tooth structure due to decay.

Teeth Crowns are different types:
Full metal crown
Partial metal crown (vitalium)
Partial ceramic crown
Metal base ceramic crowns
Full ceramic crowns (metal free)


Crowns in Chennai

A patient who needs fixed bridges or crown should consult with the dentist and know that before a crown or a bridge is made the tooth must be reduced in size so that the crown or bridge will fit over it properly. After reducing the tooth the dentist will take an impression to provide an exact modal for the crown or bridge. Using this impression, the lab makes a crown or bridge in the material dentist specifies.

A temporary crown or bridge is given in the place to cover the prepared tooth while permanent crown or bridge is being made. When the permanent crown or bridge is ready, the temporary is removed and the new crown or bridge is cemented and fixed over your prepared tooth. Ideally, crowns and bridges last for 10 – 15 years. The life of the crown or bridge depends on the maintenance of oral hygiene, food habits and regular check ups once in 6 months. But all teeth crowns serve the same functions but differ in aesthetics (look), comfort and cost.

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