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Hygiene Treatment

Professional Oral Hygiene Treatments in Chennai

Dental Cavities, Bad Breath, Gingivitis and many other dental troubles may come your way if you don’t maintain a proper Oral Hygiene.

Steps Involved in Oral Hygiene Treatment

Oral Hygiene Treatments

Root planning

  • The process by which residual embedded calculus and portion of cementum are removed from the roots to produce a smooth, hard and clean surface.
  • Sub gingival scaling and Root planning technique
  • The curette is preferred by most clinicians because of the advantages afforded by its design.

The objective of scaling and root planning:

  • Restore gingival health
  • Removal  of root surface element (plaque – calculus)
  • Arrest the progression of further periodontal disease destruction.

Scaling and Root planning are not separate procedure, however they are different.

All principles of scaling apply equally to Root planning, the difference between scaling and Root planning is only a matter of degree.

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