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Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Looking For Root Canal Treatment in Chennai?

Root canal treatment is the only and most effective procedure to save a tooth from acute or chronic dental caries or fractured teeth or attreated tooth. RCT is also called as endodontic procedure. In this procedure the infected nerve (pulp) of tooth is removed by making hole in the tooth.

The RCT can be done in two different ways, either by using hand filing methods or by using endodontic missions. (Root apex locator, x-smart rotary instruments). We at CR Dental Care Chennai, also use laser techniques, which makes our Root Canal Treatments more sterile.

CR Dental Care Offers Root Canal Treatment in a single sitting or multiple sittings, depending upon the infection of the tooth or patient’s medical condition and availability.

Root Canal Procedure at CR Dental Care

Root Canal Treatment in Chennai

RCT is very simple and virtually a painless procedure, which is started by giving a local anesthesia injection. The patient will not feel pain in the area after the injection. The tooth structure is then drilled to remove the caries part to gain access to the nerve (pulp). After this the canal is identified. Then nerve (pulp) from the canal is removed with a help of instruments such as a rotary file. This file helps to remove the infected pulp from the canals.

After removing the infected pulp, the canal is cleaned with some medicaments and shaped well to address the artificial pulp (gatta parcha) in the canal. This artificial pulp is then sealed with a heated instrument. Then temporary/permanent cements are placed into the holes after drilling.

After the root canal procedure is done, patients are asked to take medications. Patients are requested to put cap or crown for the root canal treated tooth. This is because in future a root canal tooth may get fracture with out a crown. So patients do request for the crown for root canal treated tooth.

At CR Dental Care we use advanced procedure to do root canal procedure with intra oral x-rays, root canal cleaning mission (x-smart), and with a specialty doctor for root canal procedure.

CR Dental Care (ISO 9001) Offers Professional & Affordable Root Canal Treatment in Chennai.

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