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Teeth Cleaning

Do you feel that your tooth needs cleaning?

Removing Dental Plaque from your teeth is the major step involved in teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning protects your teeth from periodontal diseases and cavities. However routine brushing and oral hygiene helps you in protecting your teeth from gingivitis and other diseases.

Simple steps that involves in teeth cleaning:

Teeth Cleaning

Scaling-Scaling is the process by which plaque and calculus are removed from both supra gingival and sub gingival tooth surfaces.
Supra gingival scaling technique-Sickles, curettes ,and ultrasonic and sonic instrument are most commonly used for removal of supragingival calculus .

Ultrasonic Scaling-Ultrasonic instrument have been used as a valuable adjunct to conventional hand instrumentation.

Uses of Ultrasonic scaling devices for Teeth Cleaning:

  • Scaling and gingival curettage .
  • Removal of satins .
  • Remove overhangs and excess cement.

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