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Teeth Extraction

Professional Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction and Post Operative Care
Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the socket in the jaw bone. Tooth extraction is mostly done when the tooth cannot be saved or if the patient is not willing to save the tooth. Mostly tooth are extracted when it is more mobile, grossly decayed, or orthoganathic purpose. Extraction are done under local anesthesia and mostly performed with forceps, surgical extractions are frequently indicated when forceps extractions are inadequate for a variety of reasons.

Teeth ExtractionPost Operative instructions after wisdom tooth removal:

Taking proper oral care after tooth extraction helps you to feel better and heal faster.
To control bleeding bite firmly the cotton placed in your mouth.
To reduce swelling place ice pack on cheek near the extracted site.
Take the prescribed  medication as recommended
Limit activities for the 24 hours.
Rinse after food and avoid eating on the same side of the socket.
Brush your teeth gently. Eat liquid or soft diet for the first two days.
Don’t smoke
Don’t take hot food or drink hot liquids.
Don’t take crunchy or sticky foods.
Don’t touch the site with tongue or with finger.
Avoid spitting and rinsing vigorously.
Avoid brushing around the extraction site.
Consult your dentist if extracted socket keeps bleeding after few hours
Consult your dentist if you’re experiencing pain and swelling even after 3 day after extraction.

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