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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Third Molar (Wisdom Teeth) Removal

Any of the third molars which appear during the age of 16 and 25 years is called a wisdom tooth. Since wisdom teeth appear late they tend to affect other teeth as they grow. Most cases they grow sideways causing pain and gum damage. At this stage , the wisdom tooth has to be removed.

Removal of impacted third molars or “wisdom teeth” is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in a dental office. Impaction refers to the lack of eruption of a tooth into the dental arch within the expected time. The tooth becomes impacted because eruption is prevented by a physical barrier such as an adjacent tooth, dense overlying bone, or excessive soft tissue.

Indications for Third Molar Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Pericoronitis is an infection of the soft tissue that usually occurs around the crown of a partially impacted tooth.

Management of facial pain
Patients may present complaining of radiating pain stemming from the area of an impacted third molar. Due to the proximity of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and associated musculature, the third molars may be a possible source of pain.

Due to its posterior position, a third molar presents a hygiene challenge to the most meticulous of patients. A third molar that is not in its correct position relative to the arch creates a more cumbersome situation with regard to hygiene. The susceptibility of such a third molar to carious involvement is, therefore, high, and it is not uncommon to see this in clinical practice. Dental caries and pulpal necrosis contribute to an increasing number of third molar extractions with increasing age.

Periodontal disease
Periodontal disease of the adjacent second molar is often a concern when an impacted third molar is present .Retention of an impacted third molar can compromise the bone housing the second molar and might predispose it to periodontal defects. This situation can progress to clinical recession and pocketing -leading ultimately to possible root caries and/or mobility.

Management of dental crowding/adjunct to orthodontic treatment
Patients who undergo orthodontic treatment spend a great deal of time and money in pursuit of attractive looking teeth. The presence of impacted wisdom teeth may interfere with orthodontic movement and is suspected to provide a long-term mesially directed force that may contribute to relapse. The removal of impacted third molars may also create some additional space in the posterior jaws for orthodontic distalization of teeth.

Treatment for third molar tooth (wisdom tooth)

Wisdom Teeth Removal Chennai

Surgical extraction is defined as extraction of a tooth that requires the elevation of a soft tissue flap, bone removal, and/or sectioning of the tooth. Despite the fact that the majority of extractions performed in the dental office are forceps extractions, surgical extractions are frequently indicated when forceps extractions are inadequate for a variety of reasons. The procedure is mostly done in the dental clinics only with local anesthesia. But in some difficult cases it might go under general anesthesia in operation theaters.

Post operative instructions after wisdom tooth removal
Taking proper oral care after tooth extraction helps you to feel better and heal faster.
To control bleeding bite firmly the cotton placed in your mouth.
To reduce swelling place ice pack on cheek near the extracted site.
Take the prescribed  medication as recommended
Limit activities for the 24 hours.
Rinse after food and avoid eating on the same side of the socket.
Brush your teeth gently. Eat liquid or soft diet for the first two days.
Don’t smoke
Don’t take hot food or drink hot liquids.
Don’t take crunchy or sticky foods.
Don’t touch the site with tongue or with finger.
Avoid spitting and rinsing vigorously.
Avoid brushing around the extraction site.
Consult your dentist if extracted socket keeps bleeding after few hours
Consult your dentist if your experiencing pain  and swelling even after 3 day after extraction.

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